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At New York Carpet, e offer you a complete menu of services for your entire home and all your needs. We pride ourselves on the high level of clean we provide all parts of your home including the kitchen, bathroom and any other place with tile and grout. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service works deep into the cracks and gives you a lasting and noticeable clean. 

As a very porous material, grout absorbs and stores all types of liquids which over time leads to stains, germs, bacteria and a general break down of the material. These stains not only look bad, but they also pose threats to your healthy and the integrity of your tiled area. 

Trust our professional team of technicians to give you the best clean for your tile and grout in all of New York. 

Dedicated Service, Quality Results 

Our service follows some simple, yet highly effective, steps to clean your tiled areas. We start the service with a full inspection and cleaning test to make sure our process works well for your cleaning needs. 

We then go to work removing the stains using the best cleaning products and methods. We use our special line of products, which includes a penetrating scouring cleanser, to break down stains, germs and messes with harming the tile or grout structure. They leave you with a complete clean that lasts and restores both the beauty and health of your home. 

When we finish our tile and grout cleaning service, your kitchen, bathroom and tiled areas will look like new again.  

We work with your needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our mission. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our service which means if we fail to clean your tile and grout, we redo to the job at no cost to you. 

So, when your tile starts to looked stained and unhealthy, call New York Carpet for a professional tile and grout cleaning service today. 

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