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Scotch Guard Protection

Professional Protection against all your Messes 

Let the professionals at New York Carpet help you prevent future stains with a Scotch Guard protection application. Unfortunately, humans make messes both big and small that cause permanent problems in your carpet, rugs and upholstery. But with a Scotch Guard protection, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier home for longer with no threat of long term damage or stains. 

Invisible Protection All Over your Home

Scotch Guard protection forms an effective invisible shield to keep your carpet and rug fibers as well as your upholstery textiles cleaner and fresher for longer. It repels threatening staining liquids including oil, wine and dark juices. 

Additionally, Scotch Guard protection makes vacuuming more effective by easily releasing dirt and dust from your carpets, area rugs and furniture. This invisible barrier continuously defends against excess dirt finding a permanent home in your carpet. 

So treat yourself to a Scotch Guard protection application from New York Carpet. It protects your surfaces for longer which means less hours spent cleaning your home. 

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