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Oriental Rug Repair

Keep your Treasure Luxurious, Beautiful & Strong

Time takes its toll on all things, including fine Oriental rugs. No matter how well you care for them, Oriental rugs, over time, start to show signs of wear, tear and over exposure. These signs, if not caught and treated quickly, can potentially develop into serious damage to your Oriental Rug. 

At New York Carpet, we specialize in professional Oriental rug repair services for those situations where time starts to create both minor and major damages in your piece. We employ only the best in the industry to work with your rug. We take pride in our high quality of service and undetectable, strong and lasting results. 

Expert Care & Quality Solutions 

We know that Oriental rugs come with high sentimental and monetary value. Our technicians come with years of experience, talent and training in both traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques. They treat your rug with the utmost care and love it just as much as you do. 

We repair your precious piece in our craftsman's workshop using premium materials and products along with a large set of tools. We work diligently and pay close attention to all the details of your rug and the repair work needed. 

At New York Carpet, we perform the following services: 

  • Spot and Stain Removal 
  • Custom Fit Padding 
  • Rug Re-Weaving 
  • Mildew Control 
  • Water Damage Restoration 
  • Color Bleeding 
  • Moth Damage 
  • Pet Damage Restoration 
  • Hole Patching 
  • Fringe Replacement & Restoration 
  • Corner Restoration 
  • Repair of Slits, Rips, and Tears 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our service comes backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free pick up and delivery service to and from our workshop to your home. We work hard to give you the quality you deserve for your treasure of a rug.

At New York Carpet, we strive to give you a professional Oriental rug cleaning service that both meets and exceeds your expectations. Give us a call today to schedule your free in-home cleaning test.

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