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Water Damage Emergency Services -
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Nothing can do more damage to your home or office than a water emergency.

Even a small leak can destroy a carpet, and that's why New York Carpet offers an emergency water damage restoration and flood service.

When dealing with water damage, time is of the essence.  Our technicians will be at your house ASAP, to begin restoring your floors and carpets. We provide air movers, de-humidifiers and mold and mildew removal agents to fix your water-damaged carpeting and upholstery.

Using The Best Equipment

We use only top-of-the line equipment to extract water from your carpeting and upholstery.  We then use special drying agents to ensure that no remaining water is left behind.

Once all the water is removed, our technicians will sanitize the previously-damaged area to avoid any risk of contamination.

Improperly cleaned up water could lead to larger problems. Mold and mildew aren't only a smelly bi-product of a wet carpet, they are dangerous to your health.
Some of the many damaging effects from an indoor mildew infection include skin rash, nausea, mucous membrane irritation, acute or chronic liver damage, immune system suppression, acute or chronic damage to the central nervous system, cancer and endocrine effects.

Immediate Response By Top Experts

Call our experts right away if you see mildew growing on your carpeting and upholstery.  We will be with you immediately to deal with your mildew problems.

Victims of flooding are also subject to major damage in their home and to their health. Any kind of standing water becomes a perfect home for bacteria and harmful micro-organisms.

Flood waters, especially that which comes from lakes, rivers, ponds or is stagnant, are host to viruses, mold, bacteria and sewage.

Protecting Your Health

Removing the water from your home isn't enough.  Receding flood waters leave behind a residue which contains similar bacteria, viruses and mold. Cleaning your home after the water is gone is actually just as dangerous to your health.

While you are cleaning, you are also shifting particles into the air.  When you inhale them, you are increasing your risk of lung disease and other infections.

Our trained technicians can expertly clean up flood waters, keeping you out of harms way. Once we have removed the water from your home, we will then thoroughly sterilize all areas previously affected.  

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