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When you choose to install new carpet or replace old carpet, you add so much comfort and style to your home. Carpeting offers added warmth, sound protection, and luxuriousness to your space. It provides a safe, cozy place for your family, friends and guests and really helps a home look furnished.

At New York Carpet, we perform professional and affordable carpet installation services throughout all neighborhoods in New York. Our service comes with our years of experience working in New York, talented and knowledgeable technicians and staff, and a professional installation service that lasts. 

We know that committing to new carpet takes time and careful consideration. Our talented and cooperative staff helps you make the best decision that fits your style, performance needs, and budget. 

Attention, Care & Expert Services

At New York Carpet, we stock hundreds and thousands of carpet options for your home. We carry name brands at discounted prices in all colors, styles, and performances. 

When you meet with us for a carpet installation service, we start with a personal consultation to help guide you through all our carpet samples and choose the right carpet for your home, style and budget. We work with you 100% of the way and turn your concerns and questions into affordable solutions. 

Our team of talented, skilled, and knowledgeable technicians then performs your installation service. They use the best possible tools and materials to give you a service that lasts.

Our installation methods provide for the most underfoot comfort, sound proofing, and hold up well against daily, heavy traffic. Our installation services prevent premature buckling and create a beautiful and safe flooring option. 

When you want an affordable, beautiful upgrade in your home, call New York Carpet for a professional carpet installation service.

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