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What You Can Do For Your Carpet

Has your furniture flattened areas of your carpet? There's a very easy solution, and it's in your freezer. Simply take an ice cube and leave it to melt and to dry naturally. Hey presto! The carpet will bounce back to life.

With carpets, as with illness, prevention is better than cure. By taking good care of your carpet, you can save yourself a lot of heartache (and money) later down the line.

Animals and furniture were not made for each other. Dogs and cats can tear, stain and wear down your carpet and upholstery. For many people, having Fido climbing on the furniture is worth the damage, but if you're not one of them, keep the guest room Fido-free!

It sounds obvious, but a light-colored carpet shows more stains. If you regularly host wine-tasting evenings, a beige carpet may not be the choice for you either. And if you already own a cream carpet, you can try to keep the kids away from it during those chocolate sauce moments.

Spills can't be avoided forever. When they occur, the best way to minimize damage is with professionally-applied Scotchguard. When it's carried out right, Scotchguard forms a barrier between the carpet and the stain. Liquids can usually be blotted right up. The best time to apply it is when the carpet has just been cleaned.

When Stains Attack

However much you hate them, stains must be treated gently and with care. If you rub at them too harshly, you may smear them and end up making them permanent. Furthermore, the rubbing will wear away the carpet fibers, causing long-term damage.

Never use heat to rid your carpets of stains. People have tried used irons and radiators and the only result is making the stain more permanent.

If you want to try your chances at treating the stain yourself, always test solutions on a small, inconspicuous area first and always read the label for instructions. Usually, simply adding water is a big help.

To get the best out of your carpet, you need to take care of it. You need to vacuum it thoroughly and regularly. Vacuum in several directions to ensure you get everything out that's trapped in the fibers. Carpets should be professionally cleaned twice a year for them to stay in the best condition possible.

There's no way to guarantee top form, but experience says that these simple tips can help you get the most from your carpet and upholstery.

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