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Only the Best for your Precious Piece

Fine Oriental rugs represent a time period, culture, people and artistic expression of seasoned experts. Their designs and artistry communicate a sense of sophistication and tradition. As special treasures, Oriental rugs remain in families for generations, passed from one member to another, with so much sentimental and monetary value attached. 

In order to preserve the beauty and value of the piece, Oriental rugs need frequent professional care from an expert company and technician. At New York Carpet, we provide a professional Oriental rug cleaning services. 

We specialize in the treatment of these fine pieces and employ only trained and experienced technicians to clean your rug. We understand the importance of an individual clean to maintain the overall beauty and high quality of the piece. 

Expert Cleaning Service, High Quality Results 

Our cleaning service starts with a complete examination of your fine rug. This helps us identify the messes and any weakness so that we prescribe the best cleaning method to suit its needs. 

We then take your piece to our off-premise cleaning facility which features state-of-the-art equipment and tools in a controllable environment. Here we dust, pre treat, clean, rinse, dry and groom your rug. 

When we work with your piece, we use only the best materials and premium products that clear away stains, spots, dirt, dust, and allergens completely. We take our time with your piece to ensure a complete cleaning treatment for the best results. 

Our service comes with not only the best care in the industry, we also give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the services performed. 

When you need a professional Oriental rug cleaning treatment for your precious piece, call the expert team at New York Carpet and get your service started with a free in-home cleaning test. 

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